1 cup packed brown sugar
dash of ground nutmeg
2 tsp. whole allspice
2 cinnamon sticks
2 tsp. whole cloves
1 gallon apple cider or juice
1/3 tsp. salt
1 orange, sliced into rounds
1 red apple, sliced into rounds
1 green apple, sliced into rounds

Stud the orange slices with some of the cloves. In a Dutch oven or crock-pot, combine the brown sugar and spices. Pour in the cider and mix well. Cover and bring to a boil over low heat. Simmer 10 minutes; add the apples and orange. Simmer 10 minutes. If in crock-pot, cover and heat on high until steaming hot; add apples and orange. Serve straight from the pot or crock-pot. Spices may be strained out or use a slotted spoon to remove.

I make this just about every year for Christmas. It’s what I bring to our Adult Christmas party, and almost everyone likes it. It makes the whole house smell so good. Just the smell of it brings back memories of long ago holidays, and some newer memories, too.


A Gracious Home said...

I'm sipping on hot cider now. This recipe sounds great. I will try it. Doylene